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Our research offerings are organized into three key areas of intelligence. Each of them can support one-time research projects or iterative sets of research that engage the same participants to build layers of insights over time.


Quantitative Research

Custom Quantitative

Provides quantitative consumer response to any custom questions

Quick Polls

Get a fast, accurate pulse on your brand or industry

Tracking Studies

Track perception of your brand at 1, 3, 6, or 12 month intervals

Concept Testing

Product, Concept, Packaging and Creative

Marketing Performance

Test the effectiveness of your marketing campaign

Sample Access

Just need our access? We do that too!


Get an up-close perspective on how your brand, products and marketing campaigns fit into their day-to-day lives through personal experiences.

Lifestyle investigations (in-person and self-led ethnography)

Virtual interviews, focus groups, trend tours and product “show and try-outs”

Live-intercept research and taste testing

Moderated and participant-led focus groups

Shop-alongs and store tours

In-store e-surveys


For research agencies looking to improve the quality of results and the
experience of research participants.

C-Store Sessions

Our fully sized and operable convenience stores provide the perfect research space for any brand looking to get real-life insights.

Café Hangouts

Our cafes make for the perfect real-life research venue. Participants will feel relaxed, open and ready to share their thoughts over a latte. (Latte included)

Curated Recruitment

Need to speak with a certain type of student on your own turf? We’ll find them, confirm and send them your way.

Our Communities

Student POV

Our flagship research community, Student POV ("Point of View") is our way of regularly and rapidly connecting with a nationally representative and engaged group of 10,000 college students.

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Parent POV

Students aren't the only ones with things to say. Parent POV gives a voice to this community of 3,000 parents of current college students to share their ideas and opinions on things affecting them and their students.

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Other College Communities

Recent alumni, college athletics "super-fans," faculty, staff - there are multitudes of segments in the college market - and we can put you in touch with every one of them.

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We live the college experience with our students. Join us.

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