Get to Know Gen Z College Students Like Never Before

Get To Know Generation Z Like Never Before

Barnes & Noble College wanted to learn what’s on the minds of this influential group, particularly the 18-22 year old college segment, so we asked them—directly. We sat down with students on U.S. college campuses and conducted online quantitative research with students nationwide.


College Students Talk Retail

To Gen Z, today’s retail experience has become an outlet for both self-expression and socialization. While some previous generations considered shopping to be a form of entertainment, others viewed it as a transactional means to an end. Gen Z chooses to interact with retail in its own way, consistent with this generation’s beliefs.


Discover What Gen Z is Saying About the 2020 Presidential Election

Actionable Insights for the News Media, Political Parties & Candidates, and Anyone Interested in Gen Z.
This activist, vocal generation has strong opinions about the next presidential race and clear intentions about their involvement, how they will stay informed, and where they will seek out information.


Mental Health & Well-being on Campus: How We Better Care for the Whole Student

What contributes to a college student’s well-being? Today, that question carries more weight than ever. Mental health issues have become increasingly prevalent on campuses nationwide, as students struggle under pressures from both internal and external sources.


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