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Having large amounts of data won’t help you solve your marketing problems. It might even damage your process. Barnes & Noble College Insights data science experts will use your data, manipulate our own, or combine the two to deliver actual, actionable results and definitive next steps.

Why our Approach?

Avoid Analysis Paralysis

Our research team generates thousands of data points that can be overwhelming to those without experience in data science. Without the right skills, organizations can fall into a state of analysis paralysis - a state of over-analyzing data preventing decisions and actions from being made.

Evade Misleading Results

Many organizations lean heavily on business analysts who are not capable of scientifically approaching data to come up with results. True understanding of data requires statistical and algorithmic skills.

Drive Business Decisions

Organizations collect and store tremendous amounts of data, but are often unable to solve real business problems with this data. We help bridge the gap between experience-based decision making and data-driven decision making to overcome this challenge.

The right team. The right skills.
Turning data into actionable insights.

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Determine what matters

We help determine what matters for your business and approach data in an unbiased and scientific manner. This approach yields real and honest results. Results you can count on.

We provide compelling ways to view and understand data by leveraging modern techniques in data science including machine learning, artificial intelligence, statistics, text analytics, and data analytics.


Data Science + Research Tools

Text-based Datasets

Open-end output, focus group transcripts, and everything in between.

External Data Sources

Captured behavioral metrics, mobile app usage statistics, and other sources that help round out our data-driven story.

Measurement Tools

Surveys, opinion research, and related quantitative data sources.

Transaction data

Cart amount, abandoned carts, transaction frequency and related metadata.

Shopping Metrics

Visit frequency, duration, purchasing behavior, dwell time and more.

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Actionable Insights You Can Use


No spin. Real results from what we’ve learned from the data.


Next steps based purely on research findings and insights that can be directly applied to your business.


Apply recommendations to business problems to create real value.


Showcase the information you need to know so you can get to taking action.


We’ll come to you and walk through the findings in a hands-on workshop approach to synthesizing data.


Identify patterns in data to predict trends and provide guidance for critical business decisions.

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