Gen Z College Students’ Top Political Issues

Ahead of the upcoming 2020 election, here are the top 7 issues Gen Z college students feel are most important for presidential candidates to address:


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Generation Z college students talk about their purchasing habits for beauty products

The Results Are In: Gen Z College Students Talk Beauty Products

Beauty products—hair- and skincare, makeup, and fragrance—comprise an $18.8 billion category* that’s growing steadily, in large part due to Gen Z’s purchasing behavior.

Candidates of the 2020 election

The Latest Look at Gen Z Voting Preferences Heading into the 2020 Election

As Gen Z gears up to vote in their first presidential election, it’s clear that they will be a defining force in determining who will reside in the White House come 2020.

Attention Brand Marketers: Leverage these insights into Generation Z’s social media habits.

As we continue to provide in-depth insights into what makes Gen Z tick, we wanted to more deeply understand how this generation uses and interacts with brands on social media.

Marketing Strategies to Align with Gen Z’s Confident Sense of Self

When we hear the term sense of self, we think about an individual’s self-image and how they perceive themselves. For some it’s a positive one, for others it’s an area requiring nurturing and hard work.

The Gen Z College Spending Sphere

Remember your college days? From the moment you received your acceptance letter to the day you walked off stage with your diploma, everything felt exhilarating. You were excited by new experiences – many that would stay with you for a lifetime.

RESULTS ARE IN: College Student Entertainment Habits

Wondering about college students’ entertainment habits and preferences? Barnes & Noble College recently asked undergrad college students from across the nation how they consume entertainment – and what they said was eye-opening.


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College Students Talk Retail

To Gen Z, today’s retail experience has become an outlet for both self-expression and socialization. While some previous generations considered shopping to be a form of entertainment, others viewed it as a transactional means to an end. Gen Z chooses to interact with retail in its own way, consistent with this generation’s beliefs.